Friday, August 7, 2009

TV ad revenue: 50 cents per day

Magna: Traditional TV ad revenue to dwarf online video for years: "Still, TV, like most major media, faces ad weakness. TV ad revenue is expected to total $47.7 billion, down 14 percent for the year. Its five-year growth rate is forecast at 3.2 percent on average per year."

$50 B / 300 M Americans is $166 per person per year. $14/month. 50 cents per day. We could afford to pay for TV in cash instead of advertising. Why pay for what is free now?
1. No commercials.
2. Much more important--We would control what we watched, not advertisers.
When advertisers pay for TV, you get the TV that advertisers want.
When you pay for TV, you get the TV that you want.

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