Saturday, August 29, 2009

External Hard Drives That Work - Page 10 - DBSTalk.Com

External Hard Drives That Work - Page 10 - DBSTalk.Com: "Quote:
Originally Posted by HeyNewbie View Post
Correction: it appears that most of the WD EHDs are fully functional. Some are not as there are postings about using power strips and at least one posting where a WD EHD sometimes fails or hangs up on multiple transfers.

My main question is about the HDs listed in Red in the first post, are they fully functional with the exception of the few that have notes indicated?
Some of the issues with EHD's are actually problems with ViP622's. I had major problems with my WD 320 until I upgraded from a 622 to a 722. I still believe the Western Digital My Book Essential drives are the most trouble free."

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 (black) Digital camera reviews - CNET Reviews

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 (black) Digital camera reviews - CNET Reviews: "Like its predecessor, the FZ18, the FZ28 has the standard megazoom look and feel of a digital SLR, but without an interchangeable lens. At 14.6 ounces, the FZ28 is about half the weight of the Canon PowerShot SX10 IS and is light enough to carry around all day without any strain or pain."

Dennis Prager : why governments should dispense justice, not compassion

Dennis Prager : This Week, It Was Scotland's Turn To Shame the West - "As the Chicago Tribune noted in an editorial appropriately titled 'Scotland's Shame,' at al-Megrahi's 2001 trial, the Scottish prosecutor pointed out that 'four hundred parents lost a child, 46 parents lost their only child, 65 women were widowed, 11 men lost their wives, 140 lost a parent, seven lost both parents.'

But all these people and all their loved ones were not the recipients of Scotland's compassion; the murderer was.

What the Scottish government, its Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill, and millions of others in the West do not understand is that, unlike justice, compassion cannot be given to everyone. If you show compassion to person X or group X, you cannot show it to person Y or group Y. Justice, by definition, is universal. Compassion, by definition, is selective.

That is why, generally speaking, governments should be in the business of dispensing justice, not compassion. Individuals can, and often ought to, dispense compassion, not societies.

When governments try to dispense compassion, they usually end up hurting people, as in the case of Scotland."

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Classical 91.5 fm KUSC - Playlists

Classical 91.5 fm KUSC - Playlists: "Carl Philiipp Emanuel Bach: Symphony in C H.659
Freiburg Baroque Orchestra / Thomas Hengelbrock
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 77187"

beginning was slow and painfully beautiful.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Diesel torque, horsepower and performance

2005 Volkswagen Jetta TDI: Track Testing | Long-Term Road Tests Blog on Edmunds' Inside Line: "By stingray454 on February 12, 2008 12:56 PM

Yeah, diesels are a bit weird with acceleration. They've got unbelievable amounts of torque right off of idle practically, so they really jump off the line, but they have hardly any high end horsepower (relative to the torque anyway).

My diesel Suburban has 430 lbs. of torque at 2,100 RPM, but only 195 hp. Off the line, this torque in combination with 4.10 gears makes this 6,000 lb. truck downright snappy. Just for fun, I raced a riced out Acura Integra at a redlight three times a few months ago. All three times, my Suburban killed him off the line and up until about 35 MPH, by which time my diesel was out of breath, and his VTEC was just waking up. It was hilarious to see a huge SUV taking a riced out sporty car off the line like that. It was also a clear demonstration of the two engine's vastly different power characteristics. They pretty much couldn't be any more opposite.

The diesel is funny at full throttle - it displays all of its power right away, and up to 2,700 RPM. After that, it just makes more noise and seems to go slower! Its one of the few engines where I think you're better off short shifting to keep the RPMs down to keep it in its powerband (unfortunately I can't as its an automatic). It seems the higher you rev it, the less power it makes."

Friday, August 7, 2009

TV ad revenue: 50 cents per day

Magna: Traditional TV ad revenue to dwarf online video for years: "Still, TV, like most major media, faces ad weakness. TV ad revenue is expected to total $47.7 billion, down 14 percent for the year. Its five-year growth rate is forecast at 3.2 percent on average per year."

$50 B / 300 M Americans is $166 per person per year. $14/month. 50 cents per day. We could afford to pay for TV in cash instead of advertising. Why pay for what is free now?
1. No commercials.
2. Much more important--We would control what we watched, not advertisers.
When advertisers pay for TV, you get the TV that advertisers want.
When you pay for TV, you get the TV that you want.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The key to MS Excel Pivot Tables--

The key to MS Excel Pivot Tables--I finally figured out.
The data you start with must be in a relational type format.
NOT a typical spreadsheet format. Each row should have all the "qualifying" parameters for the data, e.g.
(Table 1)
Store Num
Sales (units)
. . .

Select an area of data like this, select Pivot Tables, and it will work naturally.
It does NOT work well on typical hand-created spreadsheet data or human formatted reports like this:

(Table 2)
Region Period

West 1Q08

Store Num Product

Dora Diego Phineas Ferb

127 27 14 18 7

138 33 17 19 9

At least, I've never been able to get it to work.
Actually what Pivot Tables does is create a table like (2) from data like (1), but with automatic summation or averaging, and ability to summarize or drill down by clicking.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Putin Warns of Excessive Intervention in Economy at Davos -

Putin Speaks at Davos - "Although additional protectionism will prove inevitable during the crisis, all of us must display a sense of proportion.

Excessive intervention in economic activity and blind faith in the state's omnipotence is another possible mistake.

True, the state's increased role in times of crisis is a natural reaction to market setbacks. Instead of streamlining market mechanisms, some are tempted to expand state economic intervention to the greatest possible extent."
In the 20th century, the Soviet Union made the state's role absolute. In the long run, this made the Soviet economy totally uncompetitive. This lesson cost us dearly. I am sure nobody wants to see it repeated...There is no reason to believe that we can achieve better results by shifting responsibility onto the state...
And one more point: anti-crisis measures should not escalate into financial populism and a refusal to implement responsible macroeconomic policies. The unjustified swelling of the budgetary deficit and the accumulation of public debts are just as destructive as adventurous stock-jobbing.'

Do Obama's words reveal his Middle East sympathies? - Los Angeles Times

Do Obama's words reveal his Middle East sympathies? - Los Angeles Times: "Do Obama's words reveal his Middle East sympathies?
A close examination of the speech underscores how Obama, four months into his presidency, is still introducing himself -- and what he stands for -- to Americans and the world."

In other words, people didn't really know what he stood for when they elected him.
Just what Republicans and Hillary supporters said.