Saturday, October 26, 2013

Morality without God | Talking Philosophy

Morality without God | Talking Philosophy: "Keith McGuinness February 9, 2010 at 11:06 pm
Benjamin: “…how nature builds its own morality into everything that exists…”
Alas, as someone who has spent much of his life, one way or another, studying biology, nature is one of the last places I would look to for morality.
In nature, some species routinely eat their own young, a practice which is generally regarded as questionable in most societies. War, genocide, patricide, and most other “cides” you can think of, are fairly common.
Nature is a poor guide for what is moral."
“Your religious programming obviously runs deeper than you have yet realized.”
I’m an atheist, you twit.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

"Molecular biologist's dream"

"Molecular biologist's dream" is a phrase coined by Gerald Joyce and Leslie Orgel to refer to the problem of emergence of self-replicating RNA molecules, as any movement towards an RNA world on a properly modeled early Earth would have been continuously suppressed by destructive reactions.[47] It was noted that many of the steps needed for the nucleotides formation do not proceed efficiently in prebiotic conditions.[48]

Wikipedia, RNA World as of Oct 24, 2013

RNA world hypothesis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

RNA world hypothesis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

One of the challenges in positing abiogenesis [non-living chemicals giving rise to living things] is that the system of memory, reproduction and metabolism utilized by all extant cells has a level of complexity, involving three distinct macromolecules, that suggests it could not have arisen in its current form, and yet the interdependence of its components makes a more simplified mechanism challenging. Mechanisms have then been sought whereby the current system might have arisen from a simpler precursor system